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1731 Summitridge Dr, Beverly Hills, California 90210

1731 Summitridge Dr

Property Details

Beds7 Baths9 Garage3
Year2019 Bldg Size11,000 acres

Property Description

The Darwin by Delos Home Wellness Intelligence platform is the world’s first holistic in-home wellness ecosystem that is designed to passively enhance human health and well-being.

The over 10,000-square-foot, mid-century, modern-inspired compound boasts Delos wellness features that seamlessly integrate technology backed by years of research in connection with Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Researchers from Columbia University designed to enhance the physical health and well-being of its residents.

Situated 1,200 feet above sea level, atop a gated promontory with spectacular city to ocean views, the home’s luxury design incorporates five proprietary core wellness elements: The Darwin Home Wellness Intelligence platform, Circadian Lighting by Delos, Air Purification by Delos, Water Purification by Delos, and Comfort by Delos.

Additional property features include a three-story glass elevator, walk-in refrigerator, full spa with beauty salon and salt room. In addition to a 500 bottle wine cellar and 13 seat movie cinema.


Energizing Light
Bright morning light in the master bedroom helps transition the body to wake up easier and remain more alert throughout the day.

Night Lighting
Subtly illuminating the room provides way finding from the bed to the bathroom and helps minimize disruption to the sleep/wake cycle.

Ergonomics & Comfort
Features such as posture-supportive comfort flooring provide support and care for the body

Blackout Shades
Minimizing outdoor light exposure during the sleep cycle helps support a positive sleep environment by avoiding disruptions to biological circadian rhythms.

Property Type Single Family

Property Status: For Sale

Property Features


1731 Summitridge Dr, Beverly Hills, California 90210

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