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Aram Afshar

Aram Afshar is an accomplished dealmaker in the Los Angeles real estate industry, with a successful career spanning over two decades. He has a proven track record of closing over $1 billion in deals and facilitating the sale of over 1,000 residential properties. As the leader of a top real estate company, Aram expertly guides a talented team of agents specializing in various market areas. Leveraging his extensive experience in lending, property development, and luxury sales, he consistently delivers exceptional results and generates substantial profits for his clients.

Aram started in real estate finance in 2003, gaining industry knowledge about lending and borrowing. During the Great Recession in 2008, he focused on sales and founded Afshar Properties. Despite challenges, Aram thrived in luxury real estate, assisting distressed property owners. He joined Coldwell Banker Brokerage in 2011 and became a top agent, establishing himself as a trusted leader. With his native origins and familiarity with Southern California, Aram effectively serves clients in the city.

In 2015, Aram founded Quintessentially Estates, a leading global lifestyle real estate company. As the exclusive real estate partner of Quintessentially, Aram offers exceptional value and benefits to his clients. With 40 partner offices globally, he has unparalleled access to affluent individuals, both locally and internationally. Moreover, his clients have the opportunity to become members of the acclaimed concierge company, gaining access to travel planning, event entry, educational guidance, art consulting, and exclusive privileges.

Aram has also made significant investment into technology-based marketing strategies. As the home buyer and seller’s journey is increasingly starting digitally, that is the space Aram wants Quintessentially Estates to dominate. In addition, his ability to digitally market to a vast database ensures effective property matchmaking for clients, surpassing the old industry methods.

Looking ahead, Aram plans to expand Quintessentially Estates. Outside of work, he enjoys engaging in competitive soccer matches and embarking on scenic hikes with his wife, Claudia, an accomplished interior designer, and their two daughters.

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