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Jennifer Bishara

Jennifer  Bishara
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    Jennifer’s professional story begins in the bustling city of Los Angeles, where she embarked on a successful decade-long journey in the sales arena, excelling notably in medical sales. Her early career was marked by impressive sales achievements and the establishment of a significant, influential professional network. This foundational period was further enriched by her family’s deep-rooted legacy in real estate, spanning over twenty years, providing her with a nuanced understanding of the industry’s landscape.

    Her career trajectory took a pivotal turn when she returned to Quintessentially, a familiar ground where she had previously flourished in business development. With this move, Jennifer seamlessly transitioned her diverse experience and profound market insights into the real estate division. Licensed in New York and Los Angeles, she adeptly manages the complexities of these distinct markets, demonstrating a unique capability to cater to the sophisticated needs of high-net-worth individuals globally.

    At Quintessentially, Jennifer’s professionalism and profound grasp of international clientele shine through in her work. Her role in the luxury real estate sector is marked by a blend of enthusiasm, experience, and unwavering dedication, making her an invaluable asset to clients.

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