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Meet Micah

As Chief Operating Officer of Quintessentially Estates Los Angeles, Micah Lively acts as the compass for this company to ensure the direction of the day-to-day progress is keeping its true north. She oversees the many verticals within the company and oversees the Leadership Staff and coaching the agents on the team to higher levels of success. Micah works closely with Aram Afshar, the president of Quintessentially Estates Los Angeles, to assist him in making the best decisions for the company in moving towards growth and profitability. Pulling from her past roles in the Real Estate industry, such as her role as Regional Director of Southern California for Keller Williams Expansion Teams, and her role as Team Leader/CEO of the #1 brokerage in Riverside County, to her background in Coaching with multiple coaching certifications, one being through Success Magazine DISC Certification, Micah has a solid foundation from which to lead and help guide others to bigger and better business. Micah has also owned and operated multiple successful small businesses. “I find no matter what industry I’m in, there is a strand that flows through each, and I’ve defined that strand as my purpose. My desire is to equip and empower others to become the best version of themselves in business, personal and spiritual. I love helping others tap into their full potential.”